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Things Overheard While Standing in Line at WDW


Disney Parks are so busy all the time, the “down” times when the parks used to be less crowded seem like they’re going away. Busy parks means longer lines for attractions. Some rides and such are so hard to get a FastPass for, and some we’re willing to just wait it out and take our chances on how long it will take. While standing in these lines, we start to get to know our “neighbors” and hear various conversations being had by other guests waiting their turn. Even if you don’t mean to be nosy, you still hear what other people are talking about, and frankly, sometimes it’s funny! So, I thought it would be amusing to write down some of my favorite things overheard by other guests while standing in attraction lines…. here we go!

“I keep looking on the map, and I don’t see where the Cookie Monster meet and greet is.” Look all you want to, Cookie Monster isn’t here!

“This place (MK) would be great for Marlene’s engagement party. Too bad she doesn’t deserve it.” Sour grapes maybe? Poor Maureen!

“I think there’s enough chlorine in the pools so that if kids potty in it, it doesn’t matter.” That one was just gross, no words.

“Wow, you would look so different with straight teeth.” I wasn’t sure where that girl was going with that one, but her friend gave her the stink eye.

“Mommy, when Ariel loses her fins and gets legs, does everyone see her butt?” Just hysterical, and a good question too.

“That’s not Elsa, even I know that. Where’s the real one?” Little girl watching the Festival of Fantasy Parade. Right on kid, the Elsa’s have been a rough one to copy, we understand.

“Now, once the fireworks start, all you adults are going to move so the kids can get up front right?” This lady approached a photography group who had tri-pods set up for two hours in a secluded spot to get pictures. There was room for all, but she didn’t care. The photo crew said, “well, no, we’re not moving the tripods but the kids are welcome to share the space.” She replied “too bad you didn’t get to enjoy Disney Magic as a kid.” Wow. Have a Magical Day lady!

“I hear you can get some great Margaritas back near Dumbo in Fantasyland.” Really, where?

“My favorite country at World Showcase is Greece.” I must have missed that one on the map. Maybe that’s where Cookie Monster is hiding out.

“I payed too much money for this vacation, and you kids would rather play video games in the room than have fun at the “bleeping” Happiest Place on Earth!” I felt sorry for this lady.

“The Cast Members give out free gifts to certain people at the end of the night.” I’ve never gotten anything, must not have been chosen yet!

In addition to people watching, being mindful of what’s being talked about around you can be just as entertaining. Sure, we’d never put our own two cents into the equation, but it’s interesting to hear what others have to say in their own circles. Have you ever heard some funny conversations at Disney? I’ll keep my ears open for more, I hope you enjoyed this and at least got a laugh! ~M

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Disney from a Teen’s Perspective: Frozen On Ice


This past weekend, my mom and I surprised my 6 year old sister, Hailee, with a trip to Frozen on Ice. It has been a secret since the start of summer, but let me tell you that it was well worth the wait to see the huge smile on her face when she realized what we were doing!


The greatness started as soon as we walked into the arena. We were greeted by the super awesome and peppy workers. The two guys who checked our tickets were super awesome! They showed us to our seats, which were pretty much center ice. The whole time we were there, they would call Hailee a princess which of course made her feel extra special. They knew how to make people happy!

We were some of the first people to get into the arena to get some pictures of the ice. Another super awesome worker let me come down to the floor to get some pictures! How cool is that?! I got some great pictures of the ice as well as some of my family. Thanks to ALL of the super awesome workers who helped make this show extra magical!

Frozen on ice collage

Now onto the show! The whole thing was super cute! It was pretty much a retelling of the movie. The show opens up with everyone’s favorite hosts; Mickey and Minnie! They bring out all of their friends and start the show! When you see Anna and Elsa for the first time, when young Anna is waking Elsa up, you know it’s going to be an amazing show!

Frozen on ice collage2

The whole show was just super cute. I couldn’t look away! Anna and Elsa’s dresses were the prettiest! Since Olaf and Sven are big parts in the movie, they make their appearance. In the beginning, there was even a baby Sven! You were seeing Anna and Kristoff fall in love right before your eyes! You saw Hans whip out his sword in attempt to kill Elsa in front of you! The special effects were amazing!

Frozen On Ice Merchandise

Well of course we had to leave with a souvenir. Even though it’s FROZEN on Ice, I ended up getting a snow cone in a Rapunzel cup since it was too cute! Hailee got a snowflake light up wand which goes perfectly with her Elsa dress. Hailee wanted a snow cone as well so we got hers in an Olaf head cup to give to my little brother, Aidan. (This was a girls day out so dad and Aidan didn’t come)

The overall show was amazing. We all loved it! Especially Hailee considering how much she loves Frozen. All of our favorites were in the show; Frozen and non-Frozen. If you have tickets for the show, you will absolutely love it. Every one of all ages loved it. Even the adults loved it, it was just that cute!

About TMSM’s Teen Perspective Writer Gabby Adani:
”Hi Mainstreeters! I’m Gabby and I’m going to be writing about Disney from a teen’s perspective. But first let me tell you a little bit about myself. I’m 13 years old and have had Disney Annual Passes my whole life. Disney is literally my second home. I’m an honors student and enjoy school. My favorite sport is volleyball. I play for both my middle school team and the YMCA. I am also a huge fan of Star Wars.”

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‘Mahaloween Luau’ Coming to Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar at Disneyland Hotel September 29

From Pam Brandon, Disney Parks Food Writer, a new event coming to Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar at the Disneyland Hotel.

It’s one day only, and guaranteed to put you in the spirit of Halloween Time – Trader Sam’s “Mahaloween Luau,” with seatings starting at 3 p.m., September 29.


Just 100 guests per seating will have the pleasure of this kooky seasonal party that includes beverages and eats, live music and insider info with Imagineers and Disney cast members. Guests attending “Mahaloween Luau” will receive a special edition glass available only at the event. Collectors take note, the second edition of the Zombie souvenir glass will also be available for purchase at the event, before it is available to the public the next day.


“Mahalo” is a Hawaiian word meaning thanks, praise or regards, and this “Mahaloween Luau” gives fans of the Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar trademark humor an insider’s hour of fun at the legendary watering hole.

Choose your hour: 3-4 p.m., 4:30-5:30 p.m., 6-7 p.m. or 7:30-8:30 p.m. The fun starts on the patio with appetizers and two drink tickets (beer, wine, Zombie Drink or Polynesian Punch). Move inside for live entertainment and a Disney tiki presentation by Walt Disney Imagineering. You’ll also have a chance to meet some of Disney’s concept artists and other special guests.

When the party ends, you’ll get a Jungle River Cruise Expedition Bag that includes a Trader Sam panama hat, a boxed special-edition “Mahaloween Luau” glass (with a dated stamp), a Trader Sam print on canvas, and a coupon good for 20 percent off at the adjacent Tangaroa Terrace. Guests also can purchase up to two additional second-edition Zombie souvenir glasses.

Cost is $125 per person, including tax and tip. To reserve your spot, call 714-781-DINE to get your reservation!

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Frozen-Inspired Rock Troll Craft


By Janel Adani

Well, with all of the breaking news this week, I thought this troll craft would fit right in. Whether you are a Maelstrom fan and are going to miss the lovable trolls in the ride or a Frozen fan and are excited about all the Frozen excitement coming to Disney, this craft is sure to make someone happy.

I love both trolls. I love the Maelstrom ride when the trolls send us plummeting down the waterfall. The ride never gets old to me. The trolls in Frozen are such lovable little or should I say big guys. Fixer upper is one of my favorite songs in Frozen.

So, I was scrolling through the Disney Family website and I found these loveable troll crafts. It looks simple and easy and fun for the whole family. So grab your kids and let’s have some fun!

What You’ll Need
•Toilet roll cores or cardboard tubes
•Sticky Tape
•Craft Glue
•Acrylic paint: white and black
•Glue gun or fast drying glue
•Snips of wool or shredded paper for the hair


How To Make It

⦁ First cut the toilet roll/cardboard tube in two.
⦁ Stuff the tilt roll with newspaper, sealing the base with sticky tape to ensure the paper stays inside.
⦁ Finish the newspaper stuffing on top in a dome shape, for the head. Secure all in place with sticky tape.
⦁ Roll a piece of newspaper into a ball and stick it on for the nose.

Fold and scrunch pieces of newspaper roughly into an ear shape and attach with sticky tape. Don’t worry these are rock trolls so exacting features are not required. The goofier and non-symmetrical you make them the better!

When ears and nose are attached it’s time for one layer of paper mache, layer over small strips of newspaper until all surface areas are covered, and the nose and ears merge into the overall shape.
⦁ Leave overnight to dry and paint with light grey paint. Start with white paint and add a little black bit by bit until you get the grey tone you want.

When the grey is dry use a pencil to very lightly draw on the eyes, mouth and teeth….and with your black and white paint just color in. Use the black paint to give the troll nice big nostrils too.
⦁ Finish your troll by gluing on snips of wool or shredded paper on the head and eyebrows.

And all that’s left is to play, play, play and create new and exciting Frozen/Maelstrom story lines for the entire playroom population to enjoy!

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Aulani PhotoPass Scavenger Hunt Starts Today

aulani-resort-beach-and-waikolohe-valley-pools Starting today (9/14) and running through 12/31/14 Disney Vacation Members can participate in a new “PhotoPass Scavenger Hunt” while visiting Aulani, DVC’s Hawaiian Resort.
The concept of the Scavenger Hunt which encourages Members staying at Aulani to show off their #AulaniDisneySide is simple and fun. Just visit scavenger hunt locations around the gorgeous Aulani resort, and have your photo taken at those locations by a Disney PhotoPass photographer. The more photo locations you visit and have your photo taken at the better the prize, which is a free PhotoPass print.  To participate members should Kālepa’s Store and pick up the Scavenger Hunt map which shows all 8 participating PhotoPass hunt locations.

The print prizes are as follows:

  • 4 locations — Free 4×6″
  • 6 locations — Free 5×7″
  • All 8 locations — Free 8×10″

There is no purchase necessary to participate in the Scavenger hunt, but Member Families can only redeem one free print per length of stay. Also like with all DVC Member perks, Members must show their Member ID at redemption.

6107923677_12880be2d7_zIf you were visiting Aulani, would you participate in this hunt?

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Mickey’s Halloween Party Disneyland Style

Mickey’s Halloween Party Disneyland Style by Aubrey Carruth


I make it to Disneyland about once every other month for a fun fabulous weekend. I always make it a point to go in October… the whole entrance is transformed with Disney jack-o-lanterns and thousands of pumpkins are displayed all over Main Street. The giant Mickey pumpkin near the train station as you walk in is an obligatory photo stop. Year after year I followed this routine….

1. Ohhh and ahh and the entry way jack-o-lanterns

2. Take a group photo at the Mickey Pumpkin

3. Walk down Main Street looking up at windows to see how many pumpkins I could find

Awesome and fun- but it was time for something new. I always knew there was a Mickey’s Halloween Party but

A: I was too Cheap to buy the ticket (I mean come on I already dropped a load on my   AP I shouldn’t have to pay $57-$70 more right?)

B: Had it in my mind that it was a kids activity (32 and kidless not quite what the average clientele at a Mickey party is right?)

Despite my reservations I made the decision to try it any way. I of course couldn’t do it alone so I made my sister and some friends come along. We dropped $57 on our tickets, started sewing or buying costumes and made arrangements to go. A few weeks out we had another friend want to join us and I learned it was sold out. I started to panic; sold out means crowded right? Who wants to spend an extra $67 and just be in a crowded mess. Keeping an open mind, 2 Sulleys, an Ariel and an Ursula (wait I mean my sister, friends and I) dolled up and entered the park ready for the Mickey’s Halloween Party on an October 2013 Friday night.


Right away ALL my reservations went away. It wasn’t crowded at all and the whole park had transformed. Not sure how Disney pulls their magic but it must have had extra Pixie Dust because in the 2 hours it took us to go to hotel dress and return it was an entirely different park. The decor was all different. They had stations set up where villains would later be posted for great picture opportunities and massive ghost balloons decor adorned areas with trick or treat trails.

Our party spend the next 8 hours trick or treating (for some seriously high quality candy), watching villain switches at photo stations (they were like mini parades and one of the highlights of the night), watching the exclusive Mickey Halloween Party parade and fireworks, riding rides (with very short lines), ogling over the new decor and just having fun. We left with over 10lbs of high quality candy (which probably made me gain about 30lbs) and having no regrets of having spend “so much” extra. I high recommend the Mickey’s Halloween Party to everyone: old, young, kid less and or families. Tickets are on sale for AP’s now- for the AP price of $56-$77. Ticket sales open to everyone on July 30th and prices vary between $63-$77. Hurry and buy them soon as they sold out last year and I would expect nothing less this year!

About Aubrey: Aubrey  is a Disneyland Annual Passholder, a teacher, and she frequently participates in runDisney events

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More Guardians of the Galaxy Inspired TeeFury Shirts Today Only!!!

To order either shirt or any others please go to

Today, our friends over at have some Guardians of the Galaxy inspired shirts.  Guardians has become a box office winner, now have a shirt that inspired by the hit film.

As always, these shirts are only available today, so make sure you get them while you can.  Please know, by purchasing either or both of these shirt, The Main Street Mouse receives a portion of the sales to help with keeping us up and running so we appreciate your support.

Now most of our readers have probably heard of  But just in case, TeeFury was formed in 2008 as the brainchild of a bunch of artists with a passion for limited edition t-shirts. At TeeFury you will find your favorite pop culture tees, with a brand new limited edition design every 24 hours for only $11.

Their artists and loyal followers (TeeFurians) are the creative blood in our cottony veins. They thrive on their ingenuity and forum activity, bringing only the best designs to life for 24 hours. After the initial sale, the t shirt is moved into the Gallery, where you can vote to bring your favorite designs back from the dead.

Here are today’s designs:

Pocket Guardian by Drew Wise

Pocket Guardian

Pocket Guardian Model Pic on a Feeling by CappO

Hooked on a Feeling

Hooked on a Feeling1

These designs will be competing against one another n competition, TwoFury.  The winner is determined simply by which shirt sells more.  Things to remember, after today these designs will NOT be available anymore.  Once a image is retired to the gallery you cannot order it unless it’s brought back from the “dead” by receiving the most votes to restore it.  Make sure you order it before time expires.  You can visit HERE
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Disneyland Resort Cast Members Help Make Cinderella’s Crystal Coach Accessible to Guests with Mobility Issues


Here’s a feel good article that I thought was worth sharing….. enjoy!

Oregon couple Larry and Kelcie Ragsdale had the wedding of their dreams at the Disneyland Resort last week. The young couple’s lives changed in an instant when Larry’s car was hit by a drunk driver the night he was going to propose to Kelcie. He survived the crash but was left with severe head trauma that requires him to use a wheelchair. Thanks to their generous community, the couple was wed in a beautiful Disney Fairytale Wedding. The bride- and groom-to-be were transported like royalty to the ceremony in Cinderella’s crystal coach, thanks in part to the cast members who make up the CastABLE diversity resource group (DRG).

As you may have read in a recent Disney Parks Blog post about our military DRG, SALUTE, these groups serve as resources to the company and our cast by sharing the unique perspectives and contributions that diverse communities can offer. Cast members in CastABLE often work with Disney designers and technicians to ensure accessibility for guests with mobility issues. These cast members also worked with the Disneyland Resort Entertainment, Safety and Disney Fairytale Weddings teams to customize Cinderella’s crystal coach to allow for a portable lift system to transfer a person with mobility issues into the coach.

The team not only looked at safety requirements with the design of the ramp, transference and familiarization with the horses drawing the carriage, but also focused on staging the coach and beautifying the railings to ensure that the experience adds to each couple’s special day.

“They had already done a really good job of modifying the coach,” said CastABLE’s Michelle Beausoliel-Smith, part of the testing team. “We helped them better understand how a person with mobility issues would use the system. It is truly gratifying as a cast member and to be able to participate in those feedback sessions, and know that in a small way I’ve helped someone’s wedding dream come true.”

Disneyland Resort Cast Members Help Make Cinderella’s Crystal Coach Accessible to Guests with Mobility Issues by Melanie Vogel: Originally posted on the Disney Parks Blog

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Goodbye Maelstrom, Hello Frozen……. My thoughts.


Yesterday was really intense in the Disney Community. As you know, the announcement came that the beloved attraction “Maelstrom” in Norway at Epcot’s World Showcase is closing, and that a “Frozen” themed ride is replacing it. Also, Elsa will be lighting Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom, Anna and Elsa are being added to other locations, etc. It’s a Frozen Frenzy! Some people who are die hard Frozen fans (or have daughters who are) were thrilled with the news. Others, who feel that Frozen has been over hyped weren’t happy at all. Some also feel that taking out Maelstrom at World Show case is just the beginning of ruining what that area was supposed to be about. I see both sides. People love Frozen….. and people love classics too, it’s rough.

Maelstrom, like other attractions in the different World Showcase countries in their respected areas, represents the history and folklore of Norway. It teaches people things about Norway that they may not have known before. People must love it too because the line is almost always long! We had been told weeks ago that this was probably coming, and decided to go over to Maelstrom to record the ride through, just in case. The line was long and people were enjoying the attraction. And now, it appears that Maelstrom will be taking it’s last ride on October 5th. We already have a FastPass that evening to be one of the last ones to ride it, as it will be missed.

Even though Frozen is a smash hit that keeps on going, I’m not sure that this attraction belongs in World Showcase. I had said many times that they should bring Anna and Elsa back as an additional meet and greet, or be added to a Princess Character Dining experience, but not added to Maelstrom or replace it with a whole new ride. World Showcase again is about culture and history. Although Frozen is themed off of Norway, it’s actually not Norway, nor does it have anything to do with what their country is all about. Wouldn’t you think a Frozen themed ride would be better suited at a different park, say Hollywood Studios, who needs the extra attractions? Hollywood Studios had a successful run with “Frozen Summer Fun” this year, and it was very much needed. People complain that there isn’t enough to do at DHS, and the Frozen Sing A Long, music, fireworks, etc were an awesome addition to a park that was needing something extra. Plus, the Studios theme is movies. Frozen is a fictional movie, so it works. Frozen isn’t a documentary about the culture of Norway. Therefore, I totally understand why people are upset that Maelstrom is being taken out, it just doesn’t fit well.

World Showcase is like a history and geography lesson rolled into one. It teaches us about countries that a lot of us will never be lucky enough to visit. Some of us are afraid of long flights in a place… ahem…. but I digress. Going to World Showcase for someone like me is a real treat, because even though I would love to see my own family roots in Italy or France, realistically I know I’ll probably never go. It’s a quick fix if you will, on getting to explore far away lands, but staying much closer to home. It’s not about fictional characters, princesses, or talking snowmen. That’s what people are so upset about. On the flip side, people who are huge Frozen fans are looking forward to all these additions. Some aren’t tired of Frozen songs, Frozen cupcakes, Frozen merchandise, Frozen…. everything. That’s all fine and good, I like Frozen too, but there’s a time and place for it. Change is hard for so many people, myself included. I can see both sides of this equation, and frankly, yesterday I felt really trapped in the middle. We announced the changes, and people went crazy with emotion. I had to watch our Facebook page and private group all day, I ended up deleting a few threads because they got too heated, and I never had to do that before. This announcement caused mass hysteria, even more so than when Disney announced Avatarland or Starbucks coming o the parks. People don’t want certain changes and they feel strongly about their views. Heck, our own resident Epcot expert on TMSM, Corey, was highly upset with the announcement, but what can we do?

Within hours campaigns to “save Maelstrom” started, but I seriously doubt that can happen. Frozen is a cash cow for Disney and they know it. It’s smart business from that standpoint. So, now we just wait and watch. More announcements will be coming soon on what’s going in Maelstrom’s spot I’m sure. We knew this was coming, I think a lot of us did, but some were holding out hope that World Showcase’s integrity would stay in tact. Lets hope a Mulan ride won’t be coming to China next, or a Belle extravaganza will be added to France, etc. Enough princess stuff already. What about those of us with boys? How about some super hero additions eventually, just NOT to World Showcase. We don’t need to see Thor over in Norway too, that’s not what I’m saying. I think everything is better in moderation, but what do I know? Oh, and lets hope they don’t rename Cinderella Castle, Elsa Castle for the holidays. People will have a complete and total meltdown, and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near that kind of backlash. (No, no one said that they were re-naming the Castle, it’s an example). If you’re upset about the changes, as cliche’ as it sounds, folks are going to have to “Let it Go” and move forward. Just think, Mexico at World Showcase has the “Three Caballeros” in it’s attraction, and it’s still really fun and doesn’t hurt the theme of the pavilion. As for Norway.. itt is what it is, and we’ll be watching. Stay tuned to TMSM for more news as it breaks! ~M

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DIY Magic Band Decorating!


By Janel Adani

When the Magic Band was first introduced, I thought “Oh man, I don’t want to wear that thing in the park”, but then I realized how convenient it was and how our family can make them our own. See I’m not one to want to wear what everyone else has. I like to march to a different beat and so do most of my family members. So we quickly started doing research on what we can do to make our Magic Bands different.

In doing my research, I found that nail polish and tattoos were two great options to use on the Magic Band. I really love the classics, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, so for my red Magic Band all I did was add white polka dots using white nail polish to replicate Minnie’s classic dress. Then I found a small Mickey sticker to put on top of the Mickey on the band. To leave the Mickey in place and to water proof it I just put 2 coats of clear nail polish over the top. That’s it! I made this band over 3 months ago, go to the parks every weekend if not more, and nothing has come off yet. And yes, the Magic Band still works when going through the gates and at the Fast Pass locations.


Before Disney released the Frozen Magic Band, my daughter wanted me to make her one. So I found these Frozen tattoos at a local Party Store and began making it. First I applied the tattoo like instructed on the package and let it dry. Once dry I applied clear nail polish to seal it in. I used 2 coats.

The great thing about tattoos is there are so many designs to choose from. Right now my kids have me on a hunt for Star Wars tattoos since we are renewing our annual passes soon, we will have another Magic Band to design.
When making your design whether it’s with tattoos or just nail polish, make sure your Magic Band is in the closed position. This will prevent any cracking of the tattoo and the nail polish. If you mess up with the nail polish, simply wipe off if still wet or use nail polish remover.

*Disclaimer: TMSM is in no way responsible for the damage of Magic Bands. Use discretion when decorating!